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2015 Board Meeting Schedule


Better Tomorrows Agenda
Monday, June 29, 2015 - 12:00 p.m.

Tama County ISU Extension Office,
203 West High Street, Toled

Please call Heidi Schminke at 319/472-4543 if unable to attend  

  1. Call to Order – Ron Buch
  2. Introductions/Establish Quorum
  3. Approve Minutes – Ron Buch                                                              
  4. Approve Financial Report – Lori Johnson
  5. Board Member Make-up – Lori Johnson/Heidi Schminke
  6. Board Member Elections – Ron Buch
  7. Election of Officers  – Ron Buch
    1. Chair
    2. Vice-Chair
  8. Conflict of Interest Forms – Heidi Schminke
  9. Co-Director Reports – Heidi Schminke/Lori Johnson
    1. State Director Meeting Report – Heidi Schminke
    2. LOE Review Results/Community Plan Revision – Lori Johnson/Heidi Schminke
    3. Needs Assessment Planning – Heidi Schminke
  10. Program Reports
  11. Funding Sub-committee Recommendations
  12. Approve Better Tomorrows Budget
  13. Approve and authorize Chair to sign Employer of Record contract and program contracts
  14. Approve and authorize Vice-Chair to sign Liability Insurance document
  15. Approve and authorize Chair and Fiscal Agent to sign Fiscal Agent Agreement and Compliance Assurances.
  16. Approve and authorize Chair to sign the FY ‘16 Agreement between Better Tomorrows and the Early Childhood Iowa State Board and State of Iowa  - Departments of Management, Education and Human Services
  17. Staff  Evaluations/Self-Evaluations Results – Ron Buch/Larry Vest
  18. Board Evaluations Results – Heidi Schminke
  19. Site Visit Review (Programmatic and Fiscal) Results – Heidi Schminke
  20. Other Business                                                                                      
  21. Legislative Comments/Board Professional Development
  22. Public Comments
  23. Adjourn

Next Meeting – September 2, 2015 – 12:00 p.m.
Kirkwood Vinton Center, 111 West Third Street, Vinton

Meetings of the Better Tomorrows ECI Board are open to the public and adhere to Open Meetings/Records laws.  Meetings are held at locations and times reasonably accessible to the public.  When necessary, reasonable special accommodations for attendance are provided.  Submit any questions to 319/472-4543 or

Note:  Board agendas may be amended any time up to 24 hours before the meetings.  Agenda items may be considered out of order at the discretion of the chair.  Meetings will not convene earlier than stated above. 

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