About Us

Better Tomorrows ECI Area’s Vision and Mission


All children (age 0–5) living in Benton and Tama County will be healthy, have a safe, secure, nurturing home and childcare environment, and be ready to succeed in school.


To enhance the quality of life in Benton and Tama County by promoting strong, healthy families. Barriers will be overcome and programs and services coordinated through community collaboration.


To ensure the collaboration within our community, the organization will provide families, with children 0–5 years old, the resources and opportunities necessary for their children to be healthy, safe, secure, ready to succeed in school, have available affordable, high quality child care and access to a preschool opportunity.

The Better Tomorrows ECI Area Board supports five result areas:

Healthy Children

Secure and Nurturing Families

Secure and Nurturing Early Learning Environments

Children Ready to Succeed in School

Safe and Supportive Communities

Early Childhood Iowa (formerly Community Empowerment) was established by legislation during the 1998 Iowa legislative session in an effort to create a partnership between communities and state government to improve the well being of families with children prenatal through 5 years of age. This initiative allows citizens to decide what is best for children and their families in their own communities and how best to use Early Childhood Iowa funds granted to local areas.

For more information, contact:

Erin Monaghan, Director



PO Box 516

Vinton, IA 52349